Aspartame Now Marketed As A Natural Sweetener AminoSweet

The “artificial” sweetener aspartame has been renamed to AminoSweet due to all the information now available on the dangers of aspartame. Rather than stop producing the dangerous chemical they just change its name and re-market it. There is no lengths they wont go to, to deceive the public and put the public at risk.

Their website claims that AminoSweet (Aspartame) is a “natural” sweetener; below is an actual quote from their website which is a down right lie.

“It is made from two building blocks of protein just like those found naturally in many everyday foods such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs and milk. AminoSweet is digested by the body in exactly the same way as these other protein foods and so does not bring anything new to the diet.”

Don’t be fooled by their lies – get informed – watch the video below for more information.


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