New York Times Article Attempts to Discredit Vitamin D

This article in the New York Times has called in to question the benefits of Vitamin D. What amazes me is that many people will read this as fact rather than for what it really is…. a lie.

Let’s break down the article one point at a time….

First it should be noted that Dr. JoAnn E. Manson has direct ties to pharmaceutical industry and Dr. Eric A. Klein is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. These are the only two doctors quoted in the article.

They don’t quote one study related to Vitamin D when there are hundreds of peer reviewed clinical studies. Why is that? Have they failed to do their homework or is it because they don’t want you to know the truth.

They talk about a study they are going to conduct which is funded by National Institute for Health who is funded by the pharmaceutical industry (anyone see the conflict of interest?). The studies uses very low dosages based on USDA numbers – 1000iu vitamin D, based on what. They fail to mention any testing to see current levels… and the state optimal levels are 20ng/ml…. please read the real research (I have posted quite a few here on my blog) – that does not even come close to what the real research says is optimal.

They point of this is to discredit vitamin D – which was more popular that the H1N1 vaccine for prevention of the swine flu (not to mention more effective). Maybe they (pharmaceutical industry) are still a little pissed about that mess…. they are currently under investigation along with the World Health Organization.

Toxic levels has not even been witnessed in people taking 100,000iu per day of D3 for 15 years… so what side effects are they talking about? Remember if you do take a higher dosage eg 10,000iu the add vitamin K2.

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