The Art and Science of Flexibility Seminar

Time is creeping by…. 2 months today till Module 2: The Art and Science of Flexibility.

This is an in-depth look at all aspects of flexibility training and how to utilize different techniques to optimize results. Presented over two days, with the first half day covering being a lecture format covering the fundamentals of The Art and Science of Flexibility. The remaining time will be spent with practical hands on application of the techniques that includes:

– Self-Myofascial Release

Most people have been taught this very useful technique incorrectly and therefor are not maximizing the results they could be getting from Self-Myofascial Release. We will not only teach you the correct way but also advanced techniques to produce instant tissue remodeling.

– Static Stretching

Forget everything you have ever been taught about static stretching, forget the studies and the research…. this is the lost technique of flexibility training in recent years. One of the biggest problems is in it’s application. We will teach you how and when to correctly apply static stretching technique and you may be shock to learn the truth about the correct manner in which to apply this technique.

Other techniques that are covered in-death include

– Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

– Active Isolated Stretching

– Dynamic Stretching

– Resistance Stretching

– Fascial Stretching

– Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics

Date: Feb 20th – 21st 2010 (Sat & Sun) 9am-5pm both days

Cost: Early Bird: $300 (Payment before Jan 15 2010) Normal Price $399

Location: AF Performance Center, Santa Monica , CA


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