The Business of Fitness

One of my recent posts I discussed how to many personal trainers spend all their time and money learning about marketing at the expense of their fundamental education but that is not to say that marketing is not important. Now looking around at the marketing information out there their are not many that cater to the fitness industry and even less that are put together by those who have used it to become successful….. to me only one name stands out (actually two) Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove . They have a proven track record unlike most of the fitness marketing seminars out there. You can check out their own gym website here Results Fitness.

Save time and money and get all you marketing information from one place. You can spends thousands of hours researching unproven marketing information or you can just go to the most successful fitness business system out there and they cover much more than just marketing, they cover every aspect of the business – and trust me there are so many things that you have not even thought of, They have personally helped us out so many times and have saved us tens of thousands of dollars (and I have been in the industry for 20 years).

Check them out at…..

By coachrouse

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