The State of the Fitness Industry

I have been looking at the state of the fitness industry and what I am seeing deeply disturbs me. There tends to be more interest in marketing than in the actually quality of the services being provided. We all understand that marketing is an important part of business but it should never be at the expense of your education. Any marketing course that are attended should only ever be on top of what is already being done in regards to training education or what ever field you have chosen (rehab, nutrition, etc.) but this is not happening. What I am seeing is that people would rather focus on marketing and nothing on their actual education. I am all for learning more about marketing and business to get your word out there but it should never be at the expense of what you are really meant to be doing.

I have seen it again and again; clients that have been training with a personal trainer for several years and for one reason or another decide to move on. We have them go through our intensive assessment process and we find so many problems and sometimes more problems that what they actually started with. We start training them and only then do they realize what they been doing is not real training and even worse have been causing them some of the problems that they have.

But there is a even deeper problem. The education that these trainers have been getting has been of very poor quality or watered down. Most personal training certifications are not worth the paper the are written on and if they are then they are just a starting point not the end of your education. But this is what a lot of trainers think, once the get certified then thats it, they know everything that they need to know. This does not even scratch the surface. Most personal training can even teach the squat correctly let alone the progression.

So what is my point to all this?

First, if you are looking for a trainer check them out first. Find out what seminars and courses they have attended in the past year and during their entire career. Not this is a guarantee as there is a lot of crap courses and seminars out there but it’s a good start.

Second, if you are a personal trainer, get educated. Don’t take this personal and get all defensive. No one knows it all, you can never stop educating yourself. Read books, attend seminars, find a mentor, what ever it takes. I have never stopped trying to educate myself and I am currently reading on average 3 books per week, studying two courses related to the medical field and continue to do my own study and research.

If you see your personal trainer training clients like this then run for the hills

By coachrouse

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