Fall of the Republic

Full version of Alex Jone’s “Fall of the Republic”

By coachrouse

Vitamin D and Cancer

I recently wrote a post in reference to The Cancer Cure They Don’t Want You to Know where I discussed the benefits of Vitamin D preventing cancer.

The video below covers Vitamin D’s relationship with preventing cancer. This is a worthwhile video to watch and I recommend getting your Vitamin D levels checked. We offer this test if you are interested or you can ask for it to be added to your next blood test.

The Art and Science of Flexibility Seminar

Time is creeping by…. 2 months today till Module 2: The Art and Science of Flexibility.

This is an in-depth look at all aspects of flexibility training and how to utilize different techniques to optimize results. Presented over two days, with the first half day covering being a lecture format covering the fundamentals of The Art and Science of Flexibility. The remaining time will be spent with practical hands on application of the techniques that includes:

– Self-Myofascial Release

Most people have been taught this very useful technique incorrectly and therefor are not maximizing the results they could be getting from Self-Myofascial Release. We will not only teach you the correct way but also advanced techniques to produce instant tissue remodeling.

– Static Stretching

Forget everything you have ever been taught about static stretching, forget the studies and the research…. this is the lost technique of flexibility training in recent years. One of the biggest problems is in it’s application. We will teach you how and when to correctly apply static stretching technique and you may be shock to learn the truth about the correct manner in which to apply this technique.

Other techniques that are covered in-death include

– Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

– Active Isolated Stretching

– Dynamic Stretching

– Resistance Stretching

– Fascial Stretching

– Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics

Date: Feb 20th – 21st 2010 (Sat & Sun) 9am-5pm both days

Cost: Early Bird: $300 (Payment before Jan 15 2010) Normal Price $399

Location: AF Performance Center, Santa Monica , CA


The Business of Fitness

One of my recent posts I discussed how to many personal trainers spend all their time and money learning about marketing at the expense of their fundamental education but that is not to say that marketing is not important. Now looking around at the marketing information out there their are not many that cater to the fitness industry and even less that are put together by those who have used it to become successful….. to me only one name stands out (actually two) Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove . They have a proven track record unlike most of the fitness marketing seminars out there. You can check out their own gym website here Results Fitness.

Save time and money and get all you marketing information from one place. You can spends thousands of hours researching unproven marketing information or you can just go to the most successful fitness business system out there and they cover much more than just marketing, they cover every aspect of the business – and trust me there are so many things that you have not even thought of, They have personally helped us out so many times and have saved us tens of thousands of dollars (and I have been in the industry for 20 years).

Check them out at…..


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More on the H1N1 Vaccine – 800,000 Vaccines Recalled

This swine flu pandemic is really blowing up in their faces, it reminds me of the climate-gate scandal. Why anyone would get the vaccine is beyond me but people are still getting them.

In the video below they discuss that special procedures are going to have to be taken exposing of the left over vaccines because they contain mercury and have to be treated as toxic waste…. and this is what they are injecting into people????

Metabolism and Nutrition: The Inside Story of Obesity

Speaking of education, here is a video covering the subject of Obesity. There is so much education material available for free I can’t believe more people don’t take the opportunity to study these subject more. If time is a issue – stop time wasting activities such as watching TV, chatting on Facebook, etc.

Anyway enjoy the video – 90 min

By coachrouse

The State of the Fitness Industry

I have been looking at the state of the fitness industry and what I am seeing deeply disturbs me. There tends to be more interest in marketing than in the actually quality of the services being provided. We all understand that marketing is an important part of business but it should never be at the expense of your education. Any marketing course that are attended should only ever be on top of what is already being done in regards to training education or what ever field you have chosen (rehab, nutrition, etc.) but this is not happening. What I am seeing is that people would rather focus on marketing and nothing on their actual education. I am all for learning more about marketing and business to get your word out there but it should never be at the expense of what you are really meant to be doing.

I have seen it again and again; clients that have been training with a personal trainer for several years and for one reason or another decide to move on. We have them go through our intensive assessment process and we find so many problems and sometimes more problems that what they actually started with. We start training them and only then do they realize what they been doing is not real training and even worse have been causing them some of the problems that they have.

But there is a even deeper problem. The education that these trainers have been getting has been of very poor quality or watered down. Most personal training certifications are not worth the paper the are written on and if they are then they are just a starting point not the end of your education. But this is what a lot of trainers think, once the get certified then thats it, they know everything that they need to know. This does not even scratch the surface. Most personal training can even teach the squat correctly let alone the progression.

So what is my point to all this?

First, if you are looking for a trainer check them out first. Find out what seminars and courses they have attended in the past year and during their entire career. Not this is a guarantee as there is a lot of crap courses and seminars out there but it’s a good start.

Second, if you are a personal trainer, get educated. Don’t take this personal and get all defensive. No one knows it all, you can never stop educating yourself. Read books, attend seminars, find a mentor, what ever it takes. I have never stopped trying to educate myself and I am currently reading on average 3 books per week, studying two courses related to the medical field and continue to do my own study and research.

If you see your personal trainer training clients like this then run for the hills

By coachrouse