The Cancer Cure They Don’t Want You To Know

Well actually even better than a cure, a prevention but it’s one the establishment are trying to downplay.

A recent study by Dr. Cedric Garland demonstrated that sufficient vitamin D status lowered the risk of cancer. Even the American Cancer Society (who receive tens of millions of dollars each year from pharmaceutical and radiology companies) downplays this research on top of that they attempt to scare people away from taking vitamin D supplementation because of the “toxic side effects” and claim people should only use up to 400 iu per day (based on early 19th century junk science).

Dr. Gloucester recommends keeping blood levels of Vitamin D above 60 ng/ml. Many of the people I have tested have come back with levels in the 20’s, I have yet to find anyone above the 60 ng/mg mark that is recommended. For years the establishment has brainwashed the public to think the sun is the cause of cancer and you should avoid skin cancer at all costs…. why is it then that outside workers have the lowest cancer rates when compared to office workers.

So how much should you take? First, have a blood test to measure your levels of vitamin D then from there you can calculate your requirements – remeber it’s vitamin D3 you need to supplement with. If your doctor is unable to help you with this then maybe its time to get a new doctor – one that is more up to date with the research rather than the propaganda being led by the pharmaceutical industry.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is just a down right conspiracy – no theory about it. There are a few things you need to remember, first drug companies have huge control in government, no matter which party is in power as they are just all puppets of the same puppet master.

vitamindIf you a looking for a high quality vitamin D supplement we carry a full range of “doctors only” supplements. Contact us at AF Performance Center and we can also provide testing.


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