New Mercury Study – The Lies They Tell

An article published yesterday titled “Childhood: New Research on Autism and Mercury” in the New York Times that Alicia brought to my attention. You can see the actual report they refer to here.

The article start of by saying “Many parents worry about a possible link between autism and mercury exposure. But most research dismisses those fears as groundless, and a new study says autistic children actually have lower blood levels of mercury than children who are developing normally.”

This should sound warning sounds as soon as they mention they tested level through measuring blood levels. Even “Quackwatch” states “Mercury is excreted by the kidneys, which filter the blood. The mercury levels of blood are lower than those of urine and therefore more difficult to detect. For this reason, blood testing for mercury is not commonly done. Even at high levels of mercury exposure, industrial workers show blood concentrations in the parts-per-billion range, typically less than 5 parts per billion. These are close to the limits of detection. In this range, the amounts are too small to identify the type of mercury or its source.”.

This study was designed to falsify the facts and to dismiss the claims about the link between mercury and many neurological disorders including the one shown in the video in the previous post. Don’t forget about the 1976 swine flu pandemic where more people died from the vaccine than the actual swine flu.

I also think it’s very interesting timing for the release of the so called study as there has been so much resistance against the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine by the public and one of the big concerns is the fact that the vaccine contains Thimerosal (mercury).

This just demonstrates the extent they will go to, but the question the needs to be asked is why? Why are the so insistent in people getting the flu shots? We know there is no pandemic, so why are they pushing this so much?

The CDC refuses to release data on the cases reported and they lie about the number of cases and the number of deaths (see video below). You have to ask yourself what is their agenda?

(hope the video below works as YouTube has been censoring this video and many others on this subject)


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