You Think Vaccines Are Safe

Think again…. the shocking truth of the matter is that almost all vaccines don’t even work.

You continue to see these (paid) experts come on TV saying how they are based on good science and have been proven effective….. so where is the science and where is the proof that they speak of….. there isn’t any.

Where are the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies proving flu vaccines are both safe and effective? There are none.

Where is the “science” that proves vaccines to be safe and effective? Only studies that have been funded by the manufactures show any results. These studies have been debunked by the scientific community.

Here is something to think about…. If the flu vaccine really works, then why was there no huge increase in flu death rates in 2004, the year when flu vaccines were in short supply and vaccination rates dropped by 40%?

Check out the video below to see the truth…

By coachrouse

3 comments on “You Think Vaccines Are Safe

  1. Vaccines don’t work? How many of your children died of diphtheria? How many were crippled by polio? How many are deaf because of measles? I’ll bet none. You’ve simply forgotten your history.

    • Here are some facts for you
      “It also needs to be appreciated that children in developing countries are at a much greater risk of complications from vaccinations and from mercury toxicity than children in developed countries. This is because of poor nutrition, concomitant parasitic and bacterial infections and a high incidence of low birth weight in these children. We are now witnessing a disaster in African countries caused by the use of older live virus polio vaccines that has now produced an epidemic of vaccine related polio, that is, polio caused by the vaccine itself. In, fact, in some African countries, polio was not seen until the vaccine was introduced.

      The WHO and the “vaccinologist experts” from this country now justify a continued polio vaccination program with this dangerous vaccine on the basis that now that they have created the epidemic of polio, they cannot stop the program. In a recent article it was pointed out that this is the most deranged reasoning, since more vaccines will mean more vaccine-related cases of polio. But then, “vaccinologist” have difficulty with these “uncertainties”. (Jacob JT. A developing country perspective on vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. Bulletin WHO 2004; 82: 53-58. See commentary by D.M. Salisbury at the end of the article.)”

      Maybe you need to educate yourself… Stop believing the mass media.

    • Have you forgotten that more people died from the 1976 swine flu vaccine than the actual swine flu…. maybe you should first know your history before commenting

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