In the Age of the Quarrel Kettlebell Seminar

This past weekend saw some of the best in the world in kettlebell training gather to share their experience. With a full house of participants from all over the world including Panama, Costa Rica, and even as far as the Channel Islands (UK).

The presenters included Mike Mahler, Steve Cotter, Jason Dolby, Andrew Durniat and  Ken Blackburn. They brought a vast amount of experience to to the seminar and without doubt this was one of the best seminars I had been to on the topics presented.

They took kettlebell technique to the next level, forget what you think you know about kettlebell training, unless you have seen these guys you are behind this times with optimizing lifting technique.

Here is some of the stuff that was covered:

  • The Kettlebell Competition lift and the benefits of each lift
  • How to find the appropriate one arm rack position for different body types
  • In the rack should your palm facing be facing your chest or should it face away from your chest? Find out which one is a fit for you at the course. This one makes a big difference in performance and efficiency
  • How to find a cadence so you can make every rep perfect and every rep explosive.
  • What the stacked rack is and when to use it to ramp up work capacity and structural integrity
  • Setting up a sensible, workable program using kettlebell sport as a template
  • Defining a goal and setting up a process for achievement
  • A Talk about psychology of speed–the Think Fast Method (TM)
  • Auxiliary drills to improve kettlebell competition lifts.
  • How to incorporate competition lifts and timed sets into sport specific training (powerlifting, strongman, martial arts)
  • The benefits of timed sets and the pros and cons of ten minute sets (marathon sets) vs. three minute sets (sprint sets). Which one is a fit for you based on your training goals
  • The benefits of pressing for time
  • Mastering the clean and press (one-arm and doubles)
  • The benefits of kettlebell juggling for eye-hand coordination, combative striking, and as warm-ups and cool downs.
  • What to do to keep kettlebell training fun, engaging, and effective
  • Power kettlebell training: How to work up to heavier kettlebells for power and strength.
  • One-arm double KB work for serious strength and power (using two kettlebells in one hand for presses, jerks, snatches, push presses)
  • Kettlebell training for fitness vs. kettlebell training for sport.
  • The benefits of chair pressing and how to pace yourself to work up to high reps with bells that you can only press a few times now
  • The benefits of heavy one-arm and double KB work for a variety of goals
  • The benefits of Double, Triple and Quadruple KB lifts aka Stacking Lifts
  • The benefits of bottom up kettlebell work (double bottom up cleans, double bottom up press, single bottom up press, walking lunges in the bottom up clean position, bottom up Turkish get-ups).
  • The benefits of the no-arm kettlebell Turkish get-up and how to work up to it.
  • The benefits of the sots press and its variations (double sots press, alternating sots press, one-arm double bell sots presses)
  • The one legged squat and variations for serious leg strength and power
  • The connection between flexibility and strength with emphasis on the hips, shoulders, and spine.
  • The psychology of strength & flexibility
  • How to use kettlebell to develop tremendous explosive power.
  • Double KB + Plyo Box Jump Variations
  • Variations on the Double Swing and Double Snatch and how to work up to these advanced exercises with heavier bells.
  • When to relax and when to apply tension to improve kettlebell pressing

Check out the video of snippets of the seminar

Fortunately Mike had the insight to record the seminar and this will be avaliable soon from his website Mahler’s Aggressive Strength

By coachrouse

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