What is the Paleo Diet

Paleo refers to paleolithic period which in turns refers to the period of 2.5M to 10,000 BC. This can be further sub-devided into three periods.

1. Lower Paleolithic Period (2.5M – 100,000BC)

2. Middle Paleolithic Period (300,000 – 30,000BC)

3. Upper Paleolithic Period (40,000 – 10,000BC)

(Note the overlap of periods as this varies depending upon the region)

So from here we need to distinguish which period is being referred to by the followers of the Paleo Diet. Generally the authors refer to the period prior of 10,000 years ago which would have it full under the upper Paleolithic period but may cross over into the middle Paleolithic period.

The authors would have you believe that there only one Paleolithic type diet which defies common logic. The world at this time was separated by vast oceans and impassable terrain. This created a division that can still be physically seen today. Asians, Middle Eastern, African, etc. all have distinct physical and biochemical differences.

These physical and biochemical differences were created by the distinct differences in the environment, which also meant distinct differences in the food available. All you need to do is look at anthropological records and you will soon see how different these diets were from different regions of the world. This can still be seen today in some isolated parts of the world.


Now you need to also take into consideration our genetics. Most of us are of a mixed genetic pool where we may have a vast ancestry lines unlike the Paleolithic period where your genetic pool would have been limited to the region in which you lived.

Another concern needs to be the quality of food available today. Areas that once relied heavily on the ocean for their food needs to take great care due to the level of contamination in the world’s oceans. We no longer live in the same world that we did 100,000 years ago.

This is where metabolic typing comes in. Metabolic typing allows you determine your individual biochemical make up and identifies the types of food to match your genetic profile.


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