Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Rather than watching the latest episodes of ‘Heroes’ or ‘Dexter” this week, take time out to watch this video. This video goes in to the truth about sugar and the deception that has been put over on the public. One day people will put health before profit but till then we need to keep searching for the truth.


Urgent Call to Stand Up for Your Rights

I am amazed how many people don’t know what is going on right under their noses. This is not totally their own fault as this is how the establishment what it. Two recent bills, HR2749 and S510 are being quietly pushed through that will have an impact on humanity for the our remaining time we have on earth, which may not be more than a dozen generations if these bills get passed.

HR2749 is about imposing totalitarian control on the food supply (such as mandating GMO-food) and restricting anything natural or healthy, such as access to supplements or even any natural food.

We all know that Monsanto and big pharma is leading the charge to have these bills passed. It’s time to step up and be counted. you have the ultimate power, your vote. Let your congressperson know that if they vote for this bill they will lose your vote to someone who votes against these bills.

Super Human Radio has made it even easier to voice your opinion. Go to the page below…

This is a free fax service that will allow to fax you local congressperson. Take advantage of this free service and stand up for you rights.


Energy efficient light bulbs…. Are they better for the environment

Compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) have been popularized for their money and energy savings and thus they are better for the environment. But is this really true?

light bulb

I have found that many are unaware that these CFLs actually contain mercury, actually 4mg on average. You may not think that 4mg is much but try ingesting that and see what happens (please don’t try this and you will most likely die).

Well the problem lies in that fact that this mercury is getting back into the environment. How do you and most others dispose of these bulbs? You throw them in the rubbish, which ends up in land fill. Then the mercury leaks in the ground and eventually into the ground water.

Are we poisoning ourselves and the environment by using these CFLs? Of course we are and I am shock to find out how many people actually know this.

There are better ways to save money and save the environment.


One way is through the power of the Sun. Solar panels have become much cheaper and more powerful. You can run your entire house off solar energy. With a short term investment you can make a huge long term saving in both money and the environment.

Flu Vaccine Dangers

The flu vaccine season is upon us and people are being urged to get vaccinated. Before doing so you may what to look at what they actually put in these vaccines.

You think they are joking but in actual fact they do contain exactly this….. what’s worse is there is no evidence they actually work.

More to come on this subject…..

By coachrouse