Throw out you Teflon coated Pots & Pans

Sometimes I take if for granted that people are aware of the health dangers around them. I recently had a client mention that the used teflon coated pans for cooking. I was suprised that they had no idea about the toxicity of the teflon pans and the potential dangers to their health.


New research suggests that the byproducts of the heat-resistant coating are toxic to both you and the environment, including some linked to the destruction of the ozone layer – as if that’s not already a big enough problem.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), a chemical used to make Teflon non-stick coatings has been shown to remain in humans for years and small amounts of the chemical are believed to be present in a large proportion of the American public. Evidence has shown that PFOA can cause cancers in rats and could increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels in humans.

PFOA has already been implicated in increased instances of cancer in the pancreas, liver, testicles, and mammary glands, as well as miscarriages, thyroid problems, weakened immune systems, and low organ weights. Do you want to take the risk?


By coachrouse

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