Bench Press Bad Press

I was reading a blog the other day when I came across a post titled “The Bench Press is a Useless Measure of your Strength”. The Author who by the way didn’t even look like he lifted a weight in his life – I believe because he thinks it’s not functional went on to provide a list of reasons why not to bench and offered several alternatives. Lets have a look at them and break them down.

Reason #1: The Bench is an excellent test of your ability to push a bar off your chest while resting on a bench. Thats about it.

Well this is some what true, that is if all you did was bench press. But increasing maximum strength levels on the bench press will carry over to other activities such as pushing someone from a standing position as may be seen in Football (that’s American Football) as long as the strength is trained to carry over. I can tell you one thing I wouldn’t want to be pushed around by a 400lb bench presser compared to someone who could only bench 180lbs. You can’t train strength carry over if you don’t have the strength to start with.


Reason #2: The bench in bench press immobilizes your shoulder blades and can make you more susceptible to shoulder issues as a result.

All I can say to this is this guys has no idea how to perform the bench press.

Reason #3: You already have an overdeveloped chest.

Do you really? Not if you train correctly to begin with. He claims that the back is more important – so? does this mean we don’t bench? No, all it means is that you train you back as hard and as heavy. I personally row as much or more than I press.

Reason #4: Death

WTF….. some idiot does something stupid and gets killed under the bench press…. wow maybe we should never use cars becuase idiots kill themselves every day in cars and even worse the also kill other people in the process (esspecially when it rains in LA). The benh press didn’t kill him, being an idiot killed him.

Well that’s it….. that was all he could say against the bench press yet none of his “excuses” actually hold water.

Next time I will talk about his so called “safe” alternatives.

By coachrouse

3 comments on “Bench Press Bad Press

  1. Hey Coach! Great Post, you raise some very good and solid points against the article I wrote. I am looking forward to your assessment of the ‘safe’ alternatives I proposed as I often get into really cool discussions with other strength coaches about that and I have read enough of your other articles to know that you have some great experience and knowledge under your belt, so will be great to read your further thoughts on that article.

    I am always open to new perspectives and I hate it when someone has strong feelings and doesn’t voice them, so thanks for making your thoughts known. I will be sure to link your article on my site so people can read your perspectives – a good article like this deserves its voice on my site any day of the week.

    PS Especially like the teflon pots and pans article – something very important there.

    • Thanks for the feedback and for being so open minded, we don’t see that too often in the industry as this is one industry where ego plays a big part.

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