Chocolate is Good for You

An interesting article came out yesterday talking about the health benefits of chocolate. In this article two studies were quoted to back up their claims making it a very strong argument for chocolate.  So can this be true? All these years I have been against eating chocolate but could I have been wrong?


Maybe not, the article goes on to mention that these studies were funded by Hershey and Mars, two very large chocolate manufacturers. Has the wool been pulled over the consumers eyes once again?

Do you really think that a Hershey’s funded study would come back with anything other that positive for chocolate? Of cause not. So don’t go out and buy up all the chocolate you can find because they say it’s good for you…… because IT’S NOT!

This is the same crap the wine industry has done along with of cause the pharmaceutical industry. So don’t believe everything you read even if they back it up with “studies”.

By coachrouse

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