More Fake Medication

Check out this article: China finds more fake diabetes medication

What is happeneing to the world aroud us. Money drives everythng, greed is rampid and when I read articles like this it makes me wonder if we will every get away from a greed orienated socicity.

You may think this only happens in countries like China but this is happening more and more all around the world now. People are taking advantage of those who can’t afford the drug companies over inflated prices to make a quick buck…. but at what expense? What value do you put on human life.

Of cause as I always say prevention is better than the cure. Type II diabetes is preventable (and even curable) by making smart lifestyle decisions. I will post some of this soon and if you currently have Type II Diabetes then I will also offer some advise that can help your condition.


By coachrouse

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