Dangerous Exercises

I have had some “interesting conversations” lately regarding sit-ups and spinal flexion. Some people just wont let go of the outdated exercise.


I have written about on this numerous times and have even offered alternatives but people just don’t want to listen and they continue advocate exercises that have been proven to be dangerous. Below is one study the questions that safety of such exercises.

The mechanics of torso flexion: situps and standing dynamic flexion manoeuvres. McGill SM.

Occupational Biomechanics and Safety Laboratories, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The mechanics of torso flexion has not been thoroughly investigated due to the lack of knowledge of tissue force-time histories during the performance of torso flexion exercises.

An anatomically detailed, three-dimensional model that was sensitive to lumbar curvature and muscle activation patterns was used to assess tissue load distribution during the performance of both isometric and dynamic situps and standing flexion manoeuvres in 12 young men.

Situps were performed starting with a flexed torso which was lowered to horizontal and then raised again (instrumentation restrictions did not allow subjects to rest their torsos when in the lowered position). Specific variables measured were air flow during inhalation-exhalation, intra-abdominal pressure, myoelectric activity of the torso muscles, intercostals, and rectus femoris, three-dimensional dynamic curvature of the lumbar spine and body segment displacements. Lumbar compressive loads greater than 3000 N were predicted for both straight leg and bent knee situps.

No biologically significant differences were found between bent knee and straight leg situp techniques. RELEVANCE: The safety of situps as both a therapeutic modality and training exercise has been questioned for years but evaluation has suffered from a lack of knowledge of tissue loading.

The load predictions in this study suggest that performing situps (both dynamic and quasi-static) imposes high levels of compressive loading (> 3000 N) on the low back. The issue of using straight legs or bent knees is probably not as important as the issue of whether or not to prescribe situps at all.

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Self Myofascial Release

Self Myofascial Release has become a lot more popular over the past few years. Self Myofascial Release is utilized to aid in the release of soft tissue through the release of myofascial trigger points, myofascial adhesions and fascial restrictions.

Myofascial Release techniques utilize an individual’s body weight and/or muscular force along with various devices such as the foam roller which can be found in a variety of densities, tennis balls, hard rubber balls such as a baseball, golf balls (very nasty!), medicine balls, thumb pressure, pressure knobs, and a device known as “The Stick”.

The video below covers most of the techniques that you may need to utilize. These should be performed before your training session – in fact I won’t let anyone train without releasing first… I’ll go as far as to send them home if they don’t (yes, I have done that before).

Here is 40 minutes worth of instruction on how to perform Self Myofascial Release.

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New Fitness Product Review Blog

I have just started a new blog. This blog will be looking fitness related products and providing a non-bias review of them.

Coach’s Product Review


I expect to get lot’s of hate mail and nasty comments…… but you know me, I like to stir the pot.

If you would like me to review a product then drop me a line.

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Chocolate is Good for You

An interesting article came out yesterday talking about the health benefits of chocolate. In this article two studies were quoted to back up their claims making it a very strong argument for chocolate.  So can this be true? All these years I have been against eating chocolate but could I have been wrong?


Maybe not, the article goes on to mention that these studies were funded by Hershey and Mars, two very large chocolate manufacturers. Has the wool been pulled over the consumers eyes once again?

Do you really think that a Hershey’s funded study would come back with anything other that positive for chocolate? Of cause not. So don’t go out and buy up all the chocolate you can find because they say it’s good for you…… because IT’S NOT!

This is the same crap the wine industry has done along with of cause the pharmaceutical industry. So don’t believe everything you read even if they back it up with “studies”.

By coachrouse

Fluoride Dangers

The shocking truth of things is that the pubic are being poisoned by those who are meant to be protecting them. Fluoride is a toxin and there has been no collation to dental health.

They state that when fluoride was introduced to drinking water rates of tooth decay decreased…. what they failed to report was that this decrease in tooth decay was also seen in areas where fluoride was not introduced.

So why would they want the people to drink, brush and bathe in this toxin? Watch the video to start with and this may give you some of the answers.

If you are really interested in finding out more the you can always buy the book “The Fluoide Deception”

So how do you avoid fluoride? Don’t drink tap water and put filters on your bath & shower. Simple!

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More Fake Medication

Check out this article: China finds more fake diabetes medication

What is happeneing to the world aroud us. Money drives everythng, greed is rampid and when I read articles like this it makes me wonder if we will every get away from a greed orienated socicity.

You may think this only happens in countries like China but this is happening more and more all around the world now. People are taking advantage of those who can’t afford the drug companies over inflated prices to make a quick buck…. but at what expense? What value do you put on human life.

Of cause as I always say prevention is better than the cure. Type II diabetes is preventable (and even curable) by making smart lifestyle decisions. I will post some of this soon and if you currently have Type II Diabetes then I will also offer some advise that can help your condition.


By coachrouse