The Truth is Out There

The world is not as it seems…. This may remind you of a scene from “The Matrix”, well it’s not far from that.

You are being manipulated and even brainwashed into believing lie after lie, to the point where anyone who speaks the truth is labelled a quack and is attacked on a personal level to bring down their character so that people will not believe what is being said.

People are just plain scared to face the truth and wake up out of this bad dream. They want to live in their perfect little world and go about their lives oblivious to what is really going on around them.

People ask the same question over and over, “why would they lie?” Simple…. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

The drug companies lie to you….

Food manufactures lie to you….

Insurance companies lie to you….

The medical profession lies to you….

Well this may be partly not all their fault as the medical profession has been lied to by the drug companies and manipulated into believing everything the drug companies says.

So who can you turn to for your health and well being?

There is only one person, YOURSELF.

It’s time to stop relying on others for your state of health and take things into your own hands. There is a vast supply of resources out there that you can use to help you take better care of your own health…. The problem is shifting through it all to find the truth.

Here are a few things to things about…

If raised LDL (high cholesterol) is responsible for CHD then why with all these cholesterol lowering drugs out there, CHD is increasing every year?

In the United States, 1 in 2 people will get cancer. Why is it, in an age where modern medicine is at most advanced, cancer is at the highest rate in the history of the human race?

Makes you wonder doesn’t it…..

By coachrouse

Fitness Experts

When is a “Fitness Expert” regarded an expert?

Is it when the people they train see them in this light? If this was the case then almost everyone in the fitness industry is an expert.

Or is it when you peers and other legitimate “Fitness Experts” consider you an expert. This may be a more realistic method of categorizing someone an expert.

This does not mean that you require some advance degree but it does take a level of learning above some of these degrees. It also requires real world experience with a wide spectrum of the population as well as high level athletes.

It also takes variety in your “education”, drawing knowledge from as many sources as possible rather than just relying on just one or two schools of thought.

I think the last and one of the most important attributes is that you have contributed some original ideal to your field. It is fine to take on board ideas from other and use what you find useful but not till you have personally contributed something original back to the industry you cannot truly be called an expert.

We should all look at those calling themselves “Fitness Experts” and see if they really do meet the requirements that I have mentioned above.

One last note – someone calling THEMSELVES a “Fitness Exert” is probably not an expert because they would not have to say it themselves – others will be saying it for them, others I mean their peers and follow “Fitness Experts”.

By coachrouse